Who We Are

Selling Good Food to Help Others “Do Good”

Bernice's Foods has become a leader in the business of manufacturing products for the frozen food industry in the past 40 years!

A manufacturer with a broad variety of frozen food, everything is sold with a 100% Goodness Guarantee.

Our large portfolio of frozen foods allows for many products from a single vendor. This allows for economies of scale in purchasing and the cost of freight in the logistics of moving frozen products through the distribution system.


Q.“How long can I keep your products in my freezer?”

A. Most folks can't resist eating Bernice's Foods products immediately after receiving them, which is excellent because they're enjoying our products at the peak of goodness! However, for those of you with amazing willpower, you can keep most of our products in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Q.“Do you take suggestions? I love your pies and would love for you to make a mincemeat pie or a banana cream.”

A. We love to get requests. We develop our food based on consumer demand as well as distributor demand and our ability to make and ship a quality product that people will love. We will add your suggestions to the others we've received and we most sincerely appreciate your interest and input. Thank you!

Q.“How can I find out about the ingredients in your products?”

A. On this website, next to every product listed, you will see a notation and link labeled “Nutritional Info.” Just click on it and it will have the information you're seeking.

Q.“Are cooking instructions included with your products?”

A. Yes, cooking instructions or preparation instructions are included with all of our food.

No need is too big...or too small!
Let us know what your manufacturing needs are, and we would be happy to help.